An Interview with Myself: Yes, I know it’s Weird

Who is Bruja Rosada?


I’m Rose. I’m a multi-disciplinary artist, maker and a bit of a witch. I have an accent, but you’ll never guess where it’s from by listening to it (Not telling you guys yet, don’t want t be defined by the land I sprouted from). I’m a weirdo who likes to silly dance. I’m also a proud momma to a cranky senior cat called Munky.

I’m many things, but most importantly, I’m trying my best to live a life I don’t need a vacation from. Over the past two decades I had many underwhelming or overly demanding jobs. For most of that time I was living in an existence that gave me very little satisfaction, letting life happen to me and procrastinating on everything.

Then, a wake -up-call category life- changing event kicked my ass. Realizing I had very little to lose, I said, “fuck it” and moved to BC. After a stint of learning how to sculpt professionally (by volunteering all my free time at a special effects studio) in Vancouver, I moved to smaller town opened my own little studio, Brujeria Studios

What is Brujeria Studios?

It’s half show-room for my art and crafts, half curiosity-store. I display my many creations and collections there with hopes of inspiring creativity and positive change for anyone who wants to discover a better way to live. I have done a couple of workshops, and there will be many more.

The physical Brujeria Studios is located at the Kube Studios in Gibsons, British Columbia (875 Gibsons Way). I’m sometimes there on Saturdays and mostly there for events such as art openings, craft shows, etc. I sell witchy/nerdy/odd things I make or curate including vintage books and treasures.

The metaphysical Brujeria Studios is an Academy/Retreat for art and creativity and so far have mostly existed in my head.

What the hell does she actually do?

Before I regained my childhood conciousness of knowing who I really am (If that sounds confusing, fear not! There’s going to be a blog post about this whole thing and I will link it here once I have posted it), I dreamt of many things and self-studied many arts and worked in many professions. I was always slightly put off by the call of many “skills”. I thought I had to pick one thing and I kept searching for that thing that could fulfill me. It turns out that’s not how I work.

This yearning inside was for creativity itself and everything I’ve learned was to make me the person who could achieve my dreams. I’m a graphic designer, sculptor, prop maker, facilitator, polymer clay expert, sign maker and a writer. All of that, so I could facilitate a way for artists and non-artists alike to awaken or recapture their creativity.

What is this?

It’s a blog/website/ initiative aiming to inspire creativity in a variety of ways. It’s how Brujeria Studios will become Brujeria Academy. It’s a manifestation of it’s own right. It’s magic.

I believe that creativity is the highest form of magic and it can help you get what you want. Being able to tap into this amazing well of magic can improve every part of your life even if you’re not a professional artist.

I want to awaken your magic through creativity and help you thrive through tutorials, featured art and interviews and creative rituals. Some content will be original and some will be curated to enhance the experience. I too will learn from you and grow with you.

Tag along for good things to come and feed your soul what it craves.